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Brownsville is a neighborhood in the eastern-central section of Brooklyn. Brownsville is bordered by Atlantic Avenue to the north, East 98th Street/Ralph Avenue to the west, Canarsie to the south, and Van Sinderen Avenue to the east.

The area of Brownsville was first developed by Dutch farmers and later used as a main source of stone and other building-materials for Brooklyn. Until the mid-nineteenth century, the area was relatively unpopulated. Charles Brown purchased all of what would become Brownsville at a foreclosure auction. By 1883, Brown’s Village, as it was then called, had about 250 houses in its borders. Brownsville gained immense popularity during the early twentieth century and was considered the most densely populated neighborhood in all of Brooklyn during the 1930s.

In 2008, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission declared the Betsy Head Play Center in Brownsville an official landmark.

Brownsville is served by a number of public schools, including P.S. 41, P.S. 140, P.S. 150, P.S. 156, P.S. 184, P.S. 284, P.S. 298, and P.S. 327. In addition, Brownsville is home to a number of academies and educational institutions.