Bath Beach

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Bath Beach is a small residential area in the southwestern part of Brooklyn that connects directly to the Gravesend Bay waterfront. Bath Beach derives its name from the English city of Bath, which was famous for its natural springs and therapeutic baths. Similar to its namesake city in England, Bath Beach once housed a small, but popular, beach resort. When Shore Parkway was constructed, the beach area was paved over; however, one can still enjoy the beautiful view of Gravesend Bay from a promenade that was built above the shoreline. Bath Beach is bounded by 86th Street to the north, Dyker Beach Park to the west, Bay Parkway to the east, and continues south to Gravesend Bay.

Bath Beach is served by P.S./I.S. 163, which has recently constructed a state-of-the-art addition to the already-existing school building; P.S. 200, which prides itself on its “commitment to excellence”; and P.S./I.S. 229, which focuses on enriching the lives of its students by fostering a strong connection between home and school. Private school options include Saint Finbar’s Parish School, which offers preschool through eighth grade, and Poly Prep Country Day School, which offers preschool through grade twelve.

Although Bath Beach has changed much from its original beach resort past, one can still enjoy the sweeping views of Gravesend Bay and play in the fields and playgrounds of Bath Beach Park. For ponds, open grassland, and baseball fields, Dyker Beach Park is a beautiful place to spend a weekend day. Nearby 86th Street is home to the primary shopping strip in Bath Beach, where one will find everything from large-name department stores to small shops.

In recent years, Bath Beach has experienced an influx of new residents who seek the small residential buildings, convenient shopping, multicultural atmosphere, and many nearby parks.