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Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay is a natural bay that separates the mainland of Brooklyn from the eastern portion of Cony Island.

Sheepshead Bay received its name because the bay’s waters once teemed with an edible fish called “sheepshead.” The area was a popular recreational fishing spot during the early and mid-twentieth century, but it was not until the latter portion of the twentieth century that Sheepshead Bay experienced influxes of residents.

As the population grew, attracting many immigrants from parts of the former Soviet Union, Sheepshead Bay saw businesses open and flourish, nightlife expand, and new developments constructed. The waterfront of Sheepshead Bay is still enjoyed by residents and visitors who take advantage of the area’s many yacht and boat day-cruise offerings for activities such as fishing and dancing.

Sheepshead bay is served by P.S. 52, P.S. 206, and P.S. 254, all three schools enrolling grades Pre-K through 5. Additionally, the area is the home of public intermediate and high schools, a number of private and religious schools, and Kingsborough Community College, a branch of the CUNY college system.

Sheepshead Bay Listings

Size Starting from Available Avg. $/Ft2 DOM
Studio $385.0K 1 $642 101
1 BR $165.0K 3 $301 250
2 BR $175.0K 11 $477 135
3 BR $368.0K 4 $618 77


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